Sunset Send Off

Wednesday, June 2 from 7 to 10 PM in the Senior Lot

The Sunset Send-Off is the final gathering of the class of 2021 prior to graduation. It's a time to relax, celebrate, and spend time will all of your friends and classmates!


Students with their parent or guardian must complete the registration/permission form that was sent via email with their parent or guardian by May 21 to attend

*Please note: no bags or backpacks will be permitted and no re-entry is allowed at this event

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the events and activities at the Sunset Send-Off?

Many of the events will mirror what would happen at a Project Graduation night, and the fun part of that is the surprise. Broadly, there will be a red carpet, photo ops, music, games, and entertainment options.

  • Will there be refreshments?

We will only be able to serve small pre-packaged snacks, a full meal will not be served. We hope seniors will have a celebratory meal before they arrive.

  • What should I wear?

The aspect of this event that we are most excited about is how inclusive it will be. You will be able to participate in ALL the activities and events being planned in any kind of appropriate apparel you choose. That said, we think you should dress up! Shine for your friends and classmates! Evening attire/formal attire recommended but not required.

  • Can I bring a date/non-senior guest?

With the strict guidelines on numbers of attendees for this type of event, we cannot add to the numbers by allowing anyone other than AB seniors to attend.

  • Why on campus?

Any non-school venue will require contracts that limit the number of people who can be present; at the moment, that limit is 150 people outside and 100 inside. On campus, we are able to manage the attendance based on state guidelines, including if they change very close to the time of graduation.

  • Where do I park?

The event is located in the senior parking lot so we recommend parking in any other area on campus.